5 Best smartphones have the highest level of dominance in the whole world

Today, people also run smartphones in villages and now it has become the basic need of people all over the world.

Smartphone has replaced mobile phones because of technology. Today we will tell you about some such famous smartphone.

Famous Best Smartphone –

1 – Samsung Samsung Mobile


Samsung is a South Korean company and its hold is in the worldwide smartphone market. It also supplies smartphone chips and screens to other smartphones companies. Samsung’s 23.3 percent stake in the global smartphone market, and even the most smartphone in India is sold to Samsung.

This company has registered an increase of 1.4 percent in its business in 2017. In addition to Samsung’s series and Samsung’s flagship smartphone of the Note series, A series and mid-range price models of the J series are included.

2 – AppleApple Mobile

Apple’s phones are sold the world after Samsung, although the Apple company’s phones have not been smart yet, but their popularity has never dropped. The market share of this company is 12 per cent. Last year, the company sold a total of 4.1 million phones worldwide. It has recorded an increase of 1.5 percent year-on-year.

Not only Apple’s phones, but all its products like Laptops, MacBooks, iPads are all in demand among people. In November and December last year, Apple launched its new model X in different markets of the world, which had tremendous demand, but the company is not able to meet its demand.

3 – Huawei MobileHuawei Mobile

China’s company owns a 11.3 percent stake in the smartphone market. Last year, the company had sold a total of 3.85 crore sets. With the company’s flagship P10, there is a lot of smartphones in the mid-range segment.

The company’s performance in the US market is not very good, and for this reason, the company is at number three in the top 10 list. (Read Also: Learn How Does Wireless Charging Work?)

4 – Oppo MobileOppo Mobile

Oppo comes fourth in the world in terms of sales. Last year, the company had sold a total of 2.78 crore phones worldwide. The company’s smartphone market share is 8.1 percent. This Chinese company is expanding its business rapidly to reinforce its footprint in the international market. In South East Asia, this company has the highest demand for smartphones.

5 – xiaomi mobilexiaomi mobile

The Chinese company’s smartphones are also selling the best. These companies are known to provide strong features in a lower price.

At the global level, the company is at number five. Last year, the company had sold 2.12 million smartphones in the year. Shōmi is trying to strengthen its hold in the Indian market. In the last 6 months, the number of service centers in India has doubled.

This is the famous smartphone – if you are thinking of buying a phone then buy the smartphone of these 5 top companies.