Increasing wrinkles on skin increases your age even earlier. Although you can use different types of cosmetics to hide them, the real success is to remove them instead of hiding them. For this, we are giving you information about some of the ways with which you will be able to remove the wrinkles and not put too much weight on the pocket.

How to Remove Wrinkles with Home Remedies

Milk, Tomatoes and Turmeric Paste

Mix tomato juice, rice flour and turmeric powder in raw milk and make paste and face on face. Wash it after drying. This keeps the skin tight. If desired, add buttermilk or sugarcane juice to it. This will also remove dark circles with wrinkles.

Turmeric-honey paste

Mix honey in turmeric and apply it on the face and throat. After 10-15 minutes wash it with water.

Rice flour paste

Mix milk and rose water in a cup of rice flour and make a thick paste. Put it on face, forehead and neck and leave for 20 minutes. Then wash it with water.

Egg and glycerin lotions

Mix two teaspoons of glycerin and two spoons of rose water in the white part of an egg. Apply it on face, neck and hands and leave it for 10-12 minutes and wash it with water.

Sandal powder

Sandalwood powder is not only helpful in removing wrinkles from the skin, but it keeps the skin tight, removes acne and relieves tanning. Put the rose water in sandalwood powder and put it on the face and wash it with water for 7-10 minutes.


Eat a morning spoon of fine stomach and add finely chopped ginger in honey. This will keep you away from wrinkles for a long time.