The story of the film Firangi is Mangat Ram, who has no work and because of this, people call him ‘Vela’, meaning without work, but he has a merit. Manga kills one’s legs and fixes the pain of someone’s waist or back. Because of this merit, manga gets the job of orderly in the British police. In the meantime, the manga falls in love with a girl named Sergi.

The story of the film Firangi was created in the 1920’s on the backdrop of a village in Punjab before independence. It has been directed by Rajeev Dhingra. If we look at its visuals, then it looks like we are looking at the village of Punjab. I hope that the story is set in 1920 but we will get some dosage of comedy but there is no comedy other than a few selected scenes in this country, by Kapil Sharma, the country’s largest comedian. These numerical views also laugh because of the situation. The way Romance was shown in the film sounds fine, because in that time the love was in the eye-eyes.

Through this film, Kapil Sharma may want to show his acting potential, but seeing the film, I felt that comedy is his strongest weapon. If you talk about the script then that too is weak and the story is long. The film’s speed is also sluggish. Any part of the film has failed to touch the heart.

VIDEO: Disappointed ‘Firangi’

If you are a fan of Kapil Sharma, then watch the film and decide on yourself that Kapil should stay in comedy either in film or he should use it like this. My rating for the film is 1.5 stars.