Many times you would be reading about such creatures that have many strange qualities. One such animal is Jellyfish. Let’s tell you the special things of jellyfish that you probably have never heard.

Interesting Facts About Jellyfish

Jellyfish are already present in the world

Jellyfish-National-Geographic Kids

Jellyfish are already present in the world even from humans. Even their existence is already from dinosaurs. Jellyfish have existed 650 million years ago.

120 feet long mustache


The longest jellyfish diamond found so far was 7 feet 6 inches. Its mustache was 120 feet long.

Do not die this creature


If you cut a jellyfish in two parts, then it does not die. A new jellyfish is born from both parts.

Similarities in jellyfish and cucumbers


There is a similarity between jellyfish and cucumber. Both have 95 percent water.

Brain is not in the body


Jellyfish does not have brains in the body. Instead, there is a network of nerves in their body that responds to the surrounding changes and responds.

Both genders make the egg


The swarm of jellyfish is either all male or all female. In both genders of jellyfish sperm and egg are both formed.