how to use veet hair removal cream for the First Time

how to use veet hair removal cream for the First Time : Veet is a brand of hair removal products and is available in the market in the form of cream and wax. The cream of this hair removal contains such active ingredients, which embrace the roots of hair, leaving the hair easily. The hair is taken from the roots by using warm and then dry wax in the wax kit. Both of these products have their own advantages. There are also some risks and disadvantages. Here are some ways to get rid of the hair safely using veet.veet hair removal cream

How to use veet hair removal cream with spatula

1. how to use veet hair removal cream on underarmshow to use veet hair removal cream for the First Time

Apply the Veet cream to a small area where the hair is about to be removed:

  • Apply cream on the skin and wait for 24 hours to see if there is no allergic reaction to that cream.
  • If you are suffering from some skin disorder, and taking any medicines for it, you should first contact your doctor because in this situation, the cream can have adverse consequences.
  • If you do not have any kind of irritation on your skin, then you can use the cream further.
  • If the color of the whole cream is not the same, or its packing is damaged, then do not use cream in these situations.
  • Keep in mind that this cream does not ever come in contact with any metal or cloth, due to this, it can spoil or color its color, if the contact with cream is accidentally cleaned, then immediately clean it with water. .
  • Keep veet cream away from children’s reach. If by mistake it is exposed to children, immediately consult your doctor and also show the doctor outside the cream packet.

Take a little veet hair removal cream on your palm:

  • meditate only remove the cream as much as enough for that place.
  • Protect creams from contact with the eyes. If the cream goes away in your eye, immediately wash the eyes with clean water and contact your doctor.

Spread the veet hair removal cream to your desired location:veet-hair-removal-cream-use

  • To apply the cream, use the spatula that comes with each packet of cream, apply the cream in equal proportion and cover the hair completely.
  • Remember that the cream is applied only to the skin, it is not necessary to rub it in the rod holes.
  • This cream is made only for the feet, hands, underarm and bicinline, do not apply it on face, head, chest, or genitals, doing so may cause irritation or allergy to the skin, even if the creams by mistake are those areas If so, clean it with water and consult your doctor.
  • Do not apply this cream on the skin with a scalp or a scar from the skin and do not use the cream before the next 72 hours in the body part you have already used it in the same place.
  • Do not use creams on cut and swollen skin. If the cream is accidentally blamed on the skin, then immediately clean it with lukewarm water and a mixture of 3% boric acid. If after this your pain is not less then consult the doctor.
    Do not use creams after bathing with hot water because this cream contains alkalai thioglycotal, which causes irritation of the skin.

Take only 3 minutes to keep the veet hair removal cream on the skin:

  • Take special care on time because there is severe burn and loss of skin due to long-lasting cream.
  • If you have experienced pain or tingling by applying this veet hair removal cream then remove the cream immediately and wash that part of the body with lots of water, but if you do not get relief then contact your doctor.

To remove cream from the body, use it softly with the following tools:

  • First of all, use the upper portion of the spectchula to test a small part. If the hair is too easy to remove with cream, then use the spatula to remove the remaining cream.
  • If you have friction or problems with sputula, you can use some soft sponge or a washed piece to remove the cream.
  • If you need it before leaving the cream completely, you can leave the cream on the skin for more than 6 minutes. Due to your skin being more sensitive, it may experience burning sensation for longer periods of time.

Wash and clean the skin with hot water:

  • Wash the remaining cream or balm with light warm water and clean the skin.
  • To do this, taking a shower is a good way, and can use loufah or sponge to rub the skin.

Clean the skin with a soft towel and dry it:

  • Keep this caution and slowly because your skin can still be sensitive due to cream.
  • Take a 72-hour interval before re-using the cream. This will reduce the inflammation and skin irritation.
  • Do not use any other creams, perfumes, and do not smoke until the next 24 hours after using the cream. It may experience pain and burning in the skin because the sun’s rays and cream chemistry can do chemical reactions among themselves.

2. how to use wax strips on bikini areaHair-Removal-Using-Wax-Strip

Put a little wax with the perfect wipe where you want to get the hair:Hair-Removal-Using-Wax-Strip

  • Keep that part of the skin on for the next 24 hours to see that there is no burning or itching experience in your skin.
  • If you do not experience any kind of itching or burning on the skin during this time, then using Wax Strip is suitable for you.
  • For the first time people use Wax to start it with their feet. This body Buck is a relatively less sensitive part. After this, as you gain experience, you can move towards more sensitive parts such as arms, underarms and bikini lines.
  • The place which has already been waxed, do not recommend wax strip at those places, we do not recommend it.
  • If you are taking medicines for skin, before using the Veil Wax Strip, you should take permission from your doctor.
  • If you are suffering from age or diabetes, do not “use” the wax strip, it can cause harmful physical side effects.
  • If you are pregnant, in this situation you can use the wax strip, but you should be prepared for irritation in the skin.

Clean the part where you want to wax:

  • To clean, you can remove the potential dirt from the skin by using shower or wet clothes.
  • After cleansing the skin, dry it well. Moisture can become a hindrance to the wax adhesive with skin and hair.

Rinse the wax strip for 5 seconds in your hands:

  • This wax will be ready to stick with your hair.
  • Traditionally Waxing methods include wax heating by keeping some waxes in microwave or hot water.
  • here are no more complex procedures, some heat is required before using the Veil Wax Strip.

Slowly split the bandage with the skin:veet-wax-strip

You can reuse the wax strip until it loses its strength.

Rubbing the bandage on your skin more than once

  • rub it in the direction of your hair grow.
  • For the waxing of the feet, rub the bandage from the knee to the ankle.
  • Use this method while using Cream. Do not use it on the head, face, genitals and other sensitive parts. Use the wax strip to swallow nerves, wounds, scars, or swelling skin.
  • If you experience irritation, remove the wax using the perfect wipe along with the box. Instead you can soak rui in baby oil or in normal oil and also use it. As Wax is based on resin, so it can not be removed only with the help of water.
  • Keep in mind that the hair of the place you are leaving will need to be at least 2.5mm long and will not be able to stick completely with hair wax from a length of less than 2 mm, so that you will not be able to remove them from this technique.

Extract the strip faster:

  • the faster you pull the strip, the more hair you get in the hair of the skin.
  • Remove the strip on the opposite side of the grow. There is a possibility of getting more hair.
  • Hold the skin with one hand and keep the strip parallel to the skin. This will make the process effective and that will reduce the inconvenience and pain caused by it.
  • Avoid pulling the strip outwards, it only breaks your hair, they will not get out.

Clean the waxed part with good cloth:

  • You can take a shower to clean well, so that all the extra wax will get out of the skin.
  • Do not use any cosmetics or perfumes for the next 24 hours and avoid sunburn. Because your skin is still quite sensitive, and these chemicals or sunlight can cause irritation in your skin.

Things you’ll need

  1. A part where you want to remove hair
  2. Veet hair removal cream.
  3. Something to remove hair
  4. Timer or clock
  5. Shower
  6. Towel


  1. Do not use it on cut skin, it can cause excessive intense irritation.
  2. Before starting, check the cream to make sure that you have enough cream.
  3. Nowadays, vein is also available as a spray, which is much easier than normal tube or bottle.
  4. Do not remove cream at very high dose on your finger.
  5. After using the cream once it does not throw it. If your hair is thin in thickness then you can reuse it.


  1. Buy the right veet hair removal cream for your skin, veet dry skin, sensitive and available for normal skin.
  2. Be sure to completely remove the cream while cleansing the skin.
  3. Do not keep the cream on skin for more than 6 minutes.
  4. The cream is only to apply to you on the skin, there is no need to rub it.
  5. If there is any side effect or reaction by veet in your skin, do not use veet, and look for any other alternatives.
  6. Do not use veet cream on those parts where you have already used Wax technology some time ago.
  7. Do not use it on large parts of your body at the same time.

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