wireless charging qi

Companies like Apple and Samsung, who make mobile handsets, are now bringing a special wireless charging technology to customers by adopting Qi Wireless Charging, to further enhance their standard. Of course, you would definitely want to know that wireless charging is actually what? And how does this work?

What is wireless charging?

Magnetic induction and magnetic resonance are used in wireless charging. Wire is also required in wireless charging. But instead of connecting to the mobile phone the wireless charger is plugged. Wireless charger is available in many sizes and shapes in the market. To charge your phone, mobile users have to keep their smartphones on the wireless charger. So that the device could work

how does it work?

As we have stated above, induction and resonance are used to transmit power signals between two surfaces in the wireless charger. This device is designed in such a way that it starts to transmit current to your smartphone without touching it. To provide power supply in the wireless charger, the charger base has to be plugged. This device has a coil.how does it work?

After power supply, the curl is produced in this coil. When it comes to current, it sends a signal to the base station. And magnetic energy in the coil turns into electrical energy. And the battery charging starts in the smartphone. If you talk about powermate, Qi is not just charging standard like PowerMate and Regions. These use different standards than Qi. But if you talk about Qi, then its signal is different. And only smartphones supporting it can be charged from this.