Simi valley, california : Since the North Korea’s missile test last week, the US has started reviewing its preparations while increasing its monitoring of defense bases on its western coasts. On Saturday, two Congress members informed that the US is going to deploy new anti-missile devices at the military bases of the West Coast in the next few days so that North Korea could be dropped in case of a missile being fired.

In view of the onslaught of the ballistic missiles at the military bases of the West Bank, the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense i.e. THAAD will be deployed. South Korea has also deployed THAAD in response to North Korea’s apprehension of an attack.

This year, the North Korea bolstered in the ballistic missile program and under pressure from the Pyongyang army fearing a nuclear attack on the US, the US government has now started preparations for security from missile attacks.

According to South Korea, last Wednesday, North Korea tested a new type of intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), which could go up to 13 thousand kilometers. The missile is Washington in the Jade.

Member of the Armed Services Committee and Congressman Mike Rogers told that the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) will set up missile protection systems on the western shores. However, no provision has been made for this arrangement in the defense budget of 2018. MDA is the unit of US Defense Department. Mike Rogers, however, did not say where the ANT missile system would be located. Explain that small-medium-range missiles can be dropped from the THAAD missile defense system and it only takes a few weeks to install. THAAD posted in South Korea and Guam already. Apart from this, the US has 7 other THAADs.

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