Transformer is an Electrical Device that makes the Electrical Energy Transfer between the Mutual Induction through two or more circuits. Transformer is used to change the voltage. Transformer changes the voltage without changing the power and Frequency, which means Increase- When the alternative current voltage is alternate, then we can say that Transformer Electric Power changes the alternate voltage in applications without loss of electrical energy, the first transformer was created by Michael Faraday, it showed the world in 1831.

This is the symbol of transformer. That is, if there is this symbol in any circuit. So to understand that it is to find a transformer.

working principle of transformer

This is the real transformer in which all the part is visible.
Transformer has three parts, which consists of a metallic core and two winding, which are made of very good conductive metal such as copper. The main role plays in the winding transformer.

When putting optional voltage on the primary coil, or adding the primary coil of the transformer from any ac source. Then around the winding is causing the ac flux.
The magnitude of this flux is proportional to the current being flow. The direction of this flux is according to the direction of the current being current, and the direction of current we can know by applying the right hand grip rule.
Secondary winding is wrapped with this, or it is near it. Then there is a continuous change in the magnetic flux bound to it.

From this reaction, the electromagnetic induction from the secondary coil produces an alternate voltage of the same frequency.
The recurring we used to put the voltage in primary winding.the voltage in primary winding.

How many types of transformer are there?

There are two types of transformer on the base of the voltage lable.
Step Up Transformer
Step Down Transformer

on core base

Air core Transformer
Iron core Transformer

Transformer by use

Power Transformer
Distribution Transformer
Measurement Transformer
Protection Transformer

All kinds of transformers in detail

And these are also very transformer on this page, just on the Voltage is the base transformer. If you want more information, then you can ask in writing and ask. Understand mutual induction before reading it, which will make it easier for you.

Step up transformerStep up transformer

Transformer is used to increase voltage. in hindi Step up transformer is called ucchayi prinamitra(उच्चायी परिणामित्र ). In the primary winding, the turn of the wire is reduced to NP and the secondary winding Ns has more strings. The image can be seen in the first winding, the number of strings of the strings is less and the thickness of the wire is high, and in the second winding the wire is thin, and the number of rounds is much higher.

Step Down TransformerStep Down Transformer

step down transformer is what works.

Transformer Voltage is reduced or Decrease. In Hindi, Step Down Transformer is called upchayi Prinamitra(अपचायी परिणामित्र). In its primary winding the wire is thin and the strings of the wire are much higher and in the secondary winding there are lesser frequency of wire.
Transformer changes the strength of the electric current and the power is not changed even if the voltage is also power.
P = V x I
As I told the transformer voltage changes. And this comes in handy and also does not change the power of formula above. Where power is V = voltage and I = current when no transformer increases the voltage. The stream decreases, so that P does not change and thus the V becomes less when V is less. By which power does not change.

Use of Transformer

Staying Without Electric Energy! We can not imagine the electricity current is used everywhere in every work, the transformer works and what its application is.
In our daily life, use the transformer in Refrigerators, radio, telephone and T.V
The welding used in factories and the use of transformer in different types of furnaces
From where the electricity power is formed, the strength of the current is reduced by the transformer in our homes.
Distribution transformers are used in current distributing