Yoga's major stance and benefits of yoga

Yoga’s major stance and benefits of yoga – 5000 years old is the life style of Indian life. Yoga helps in the union of one body, personal consciousness and soul, while many people consider yoga as an exercise in which they jerge the body, and adopts the tough methods of breathing. Yoga really reveals the infinite potential of man’s mind and soul.

Benefits of yoga

Benefits of Yoga: In the busy life of the present, man does not pay attention to himself, due to which it starts to cause stress and various kinds of diseases (physical and mental) in which Yoga gives strength to man and keeps stress free; Yoga is not only an exercise, By adopting various types of diseases (physical and mental) can be relieved. By doing different types of yoga and mudra, man’s body and mind Keeps him active.

Yoga rules Benefits of yoga, Yoga's major stance and benefits of yoga

Yoga’s major stance and benefits

  • Yogasan removes various types of physical and mental illnesses.
  • Yoga is an effective alternative to asthma, high blood pressure, digestive tract, diabetes and other types of diseases.
  • Yoga works on nowadays where other types of drugs do not work, Yoga has a positive effect in the present HIV virus.
  • According to medical scientists, Yoga works in the inner glandular way of our body, by which our body remains full of stress and is helpful in increasing semen.
  • Yoga teaches us the way to sit, pranayama and meditation jointly.

There is innumerable benefits to the practitioner on a regular basis. Some of them are the following:

  1. Benefits in healthy
  2. mental strength
  3. Physical strength
  4. Protected from broken bumps of body.
  5. Body cleansing

Nowadays, weight gain has become commonplace. Yoga plays an important role in reducing weight, and also teaches us how and when to eat food.

Yoga plays an important role in removing tension and making the body tidy.
We are jointly made up of body, mind and soul. In the body there is no irregularity to face the disease. Fatigue is the cause of the disease in the body. Yoga keeps the organs in normal condition and keeps the masapasio powerful.

Pranayama and meditation remove stress and improve immunity.
With Yoga, the mind is pleased and satisfied with the feeling that the relation between the souls improves, enhances the ability of relatives with happy, satisfied mind.

Rules of yoga

  1. The time of morning or evening is best for yoga.
  2. Yoga should be done in the direction of Guru.
  3. Both the body and mind should be pure at the time of doing yoga.
  4. Make a time to do yoga and do yoga at a certain time.
  5. Yoga after bathing.
  6. To wear yoga or wearing casual cotton cloth.
  7. Clean and green space is best for yoga.
  8. Yoga should always be done at the valley or mat.
  9. It takes time to feel the benefits of continuing yoga continuously.
  10. Do not force yoga gradually in the beginning.
  11. Yoga should be done with patience and firmness and focus your attention solely on the stance.
  12. Bad thoughts should get your mind full.
  13. If there is some problem while doing yoga then immediately consult a doctor.
  14. After doing yoga, do not eat anything for at least 20 minutes and do not drink for 1 hour.  Pranayam always after yoga practice.